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By | July 5, 2021

NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Monday announced a special assessment scheme for the current academic session. The Class X and XII board exams will be split into two terms in the 2021-22 academic session.

However, this scheme, according to a senior CBSE official, will be continued beyond the pandemic period as well.

The first term questions will be objective, which will take place in November-December 2021, while the second term exams will be subjective which will happen in March-April 2022.


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Moreover, there will be no overlapping of syllabus in both these terms.

The final results will be declared on the basis of the performances of both these exams and equal weightage will be given to both the term exams.

As per the CBSE’s guidelines, at the end of the first term, the board will organize Term I examination in a flexible schedule to be conducted between November-December 2021 with a window period of four to eight weeks for schools situated in different parts of country and abroad.

The question paper will have Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) of 90-minute duration and during the pandemic period, it will cover only the rationalized syllabus of Term I.

At the end of the second term, the board would conduect Term II or year-end examination based on the rationalized syllabus.

The paper will be of 120-minute duration and will have subjective questions of different formats.

The CBSE official said that if the situation remains not conducive for normal descriptive examination due to the pandemic, a 90-minute MCQ based exam will be conducted at the end of the Term II as well.

The responses of students will be captured on OMR sheets which, after scanning, may be directly uploaded at the CBSE portal. Alternatively, the sheets may be evaluated and marks obtained will be uploaded by the school on the very same day.

“Students will study only the specific syllabus meant for that particular term-end exam. No part of the first-term syllabus will be part of the second-term exam and vice-versa,” said the CBSE official.

As a learning from the Covid-19 situation, CBSE is also looking at keeping options of online exams as an exigency measure.

“Due to the pandemic, exams are getting postponed and cancelled. So, the online exam is one model which is also being planned,” said the official.

For the pandemic period, the Board has decided that in case the situation of the pandemic improves and students are able to come to schools or centres for taking the exams, exams will be conducted at schools/centres and the theory marks will be distributed equally between the two exams.

However, if schools remain closed in the November-December period but Term II exams are conducted in schools then Term I would be done by students online/offline from home and the weightage of this exam for the final score would be reduced while the weightage of Term II exams will be increased for declaration of final result. In a vice-versa scenario, the same rules will apply.

But in case of complete closure of schools for both the exams, results would be computed on the basis of the Internal Assessment/Practical/Project Work and Theory marks of Term-I and II exams taken by the candidate from home in Class X/XII.

“When the situation normalise, the Board will revert to its original schedule and conduct the Term I exam in October-November and Term II in February-March and for the full syllabus,” said the official.

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